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Longest place names

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Lutin, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Lutin

    Lutin Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    I found out today that Muckanaghederauhaulia is the longest place name in Ireland (not sure whether that's the Republic or the whole island), in Irish Muiceanach idir Dhá Sháile, and means "ridge, shaped like a pig's back, between two expanses of briny water". Now this got me thinking - firstly where the hell is it (somewhere in County Galway) and secondly what other long place names there are.

    We all know about Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch - or Llanfair PG for short in Wales.

    So, what's the longest place name in England or Scotland?

    Or indeed Canada? Just for you Nick :D
  2. nick949

    nick949 Well-Known Member

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    From the miracle of Wiki:

    "Pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake is a lake of Manitoba. The name is Cree for "where the wild trout are caught by fishing with hooks." It is the longest place name in Canada at 31 letters long. It is located just southeast of Red Sucker Lake in northeastern Manitoba, near its border with Ontario."

  3. JimDidIt!

    JimDidIt! Member

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    Sir! Sir! Longest place name in England Sir! Cottonshopeburnfoot in Northumberland!

    (With thanks to my Geography Teacher, can't remember his name. After nearly 40 years that nugget of information became needed - very briefly, and in an extremely minor context given the great scheme of things).

    Next... Glacial Erratics :cool2:
  4. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member

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    Glacial erratics Jim ? :eek:

    Can 't beat a bit of Fluvioglacial morrainic till to beat the crap out your tyres :lol:

    Oh, and I think Auchterarder has the longest high street in Scotland ? Dunno, again, another useless bit of information :D
  5. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    Glacial Erratics.....I used to have the shooting rights on the Norber Moor!

    For the non-geographers Norber Moor is home of the justly famous Norber Erratics. :)
  6. Dee Dub

    Dee Dub Active Member

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    Glacial erratic? Sounds like a girl I once knew.

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