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RD07A Tripmaster Refurb.

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by flyingcharlie, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. flyingcharlie

    flyingcharlie New Member

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    Just a quick note to relay my experience with my Tripmaster repair. My 2002-reg RD07A Tripmaster started to show "ghost" characters. See the image below. As well as the true LCD character displayed I was also seeing the remaining elements of the character in the display - very confusing and difficult to distinguish, particularly in certain light conditions. A search of the XRV.org forum revealed that Joerg Hau in Switzerland may be able to help. You can definitely find Joerg's details with a search there. I sent the unit off to him; he restored it to full health on the same day he received it and sent it back to me promptly (all at a very reasonable cost, and done and dusted within 14 days; Christmas included). I also sent his details to my Africa Twin mate up in Cumbria; exactly the same excellent service.
    Happy New Year to all,
    [​IMG] Attached Images[​IMG]
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  2. DaveS

    DaveS Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    That's a great service. Thanks for posting that.

    MIKETHEBIKE Active Member Forum Supporter

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    Mine is just not reading anything but giving me the time. What sort of cost are we looking at if you don't mind me asking.

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