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1st Ride of 2019

Discussion in 'Meet Ups & Ride Outs' started by Steve T, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Took my first ride into 2019 this morning, taking in some views along the Moray Firth shoreline and then some more views along the side of the River Spey.

    The shoreline at Kingston

    This house has slowly but surely been inundated by the Rives Spey as flood after flood takes away more and more of the bank in front of the house and the fields to the side.

    The old railway viaduct over the River Spey


    And finally, the old Ice storage house at Tugnet, right at the mouth of the River Spey

    Only 50 miles covered, but the sun was out and the temperature gauge stayed above freezing for most of the ride

    Bring on more miles in 2019

    Steve T


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