bike shipping to NZ and back to the UK


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Looking for recommendations for a company to ship my transalp to NZ for the beginning of Dec 2018 and then bring it back 4 weeks later. Can anyone recommend a company they have used?
Not to NZ but I used James Cargo to/from USA in 2014. Very good service at Manchester - New York - LA - and Manchester again. They also have a depot at Heathrow. I have heard good things about Motorcycle express which I think was set up by a couple of disgruntled James Cargo employees.

Also it might be worth a direct approach to whatever NZ air is called or indeed anyone that does a direct flight. (I know there’s at least one stopover).

I would be interested to find out how much it costs on the end Sean. NZ could be a destination for us at some point.
James cargo were a company I dropped a bike off at that Jonathan (Stormforce) shipped to a lawyer in the states - I couldn’t remember their name. Thanks - I’ve sent them details for a quote