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BSA Hornet

Discussion in 'Iron Age' started by dodursley, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Saw this BSA Hornet (replica?) at Calne Bike Day yesterday. A British offering to the US off-roaders in the mid 60's. It was ridden there as the engine was warm, surprised I did not hear it arrive!
    I have a BSA A50 Cyclone and rather fancy doing that to it, the Hornet is a 650 the A50 (500) version was the Wasp. Just raiding the parts bin (and money-lots) can create one. Set of alloy rims & guards, high level pipes, Indian tank and junk the lights-almost there.
    My Cyclone has a Cyclone Competition motor according to the engine number but it may just be the cases now as it is single carb with a roadster head, but at least it starts dead easy and is tractable. Not a lot of sense going down the power route these days from a soft 30 bhp to a brutish intractable 38 bhp.

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