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*Into the west*

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Pictures' started by Steve T, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    Just a shortish ride today, west into the highlands.

    Back roads to Inverness to check on an elderly native – all OK but can’t come out to play cos its muvvers day, apparently :rolleyes:.

    Onwards to the west via really little roads, some having dirty detours leading off of them into the hinterlands.



    Did the infamous corkscrew off the south side of Loch Ness, then onto Fort Augustus


    Haven’t ridden along the Glen Garry road for soooo many years, so seeing as the traffic was virtually non-existent, I went and covered some miles of glorious twisty tarmac and took in many superb views as I went along






    Back towards Inverness via the northern road around Loch Ness. Never, ever, ever have I encountered so few vehicles on this road . . . at any time of the year, as I did today. From Invermorriston heading east I came up behind my first moving obstacle just as I got to Drumnadrochit. – nearly 13 miles and just one vehicle travelling in the same direction as me! And not that many travelling in the other direction either!

    220 fun miles. Wonder how long it will be before the fun police stop even this sort of activity?

    Steve T

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  2. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member

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    Nice one young man, sorry about today. Not only Mothers day but my dearest is rather poorly at the moment and will be for some time, hence I couldn't come to play. Had to make brekkie etc.

    Wrt traffic police, took her out for a run in the car to that well known place we both know where eagles dare ;);) And guess what , a fekin speed van situated going North on the A9 :eek:
    Surely the fekers got little or no traffic today, the roads were deserted and wouldn't their time be more better spent elsewhere ?? I don't know, millions spent on variable speed cameras and the tossers turn up on a day when the roads were virtually empty ? Surely a waste of time :mad::mad:
    Anyways my friend, on hindsight I think a weekend away wild camping is not on the cards for now, or at least until Carol gets better.
    Phone you later on :thumbsup:
  3. Alba

    Alba Active Member

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    John, I hope the nearest and dearest is on the road to recovery. All the best.

    Steve, your are turning into quite the photographer .....

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