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K&N Oil Filter Recall

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Lutin, Sep 14, 2017.

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    K&N Oil Filter Recall

    This recall applies only to KN-204 oil filters manufactured between March 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016. The KN-204 oil filters covered by this recall have manufacturing date codes imprinted on the ends of the filters that contain as the second and third characters of the code the number/letter combinations of 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H or 9H, with the number corresponding to the month of the year (i.e., 3 for the month of March, 4 for the month of April, etc.) and the letter "H" representing the year 2016. KN-204 oil filters manufactured outside of that date range and which bear different manufacturing date codes are not covered by this recall. The date code can be found as shown in the photograph below. In this photo, the relevant character combination is "7H", which indicates the oil filter was manufactured in July 2016.

    Just so's you know.
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    Thanks for the heads up.

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