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Kurviger - another routing web-site

Discussion in 'Maps & Routes' started by Lutin, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Lutin

    Lutin Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    Found this on another forum, it's a routing web-site that allows you to find "fastest"* through to "extra curvy" routes.


    * As a test I let Kurvinger find the "fastest" route from Bundoran to Galway. The result was a bit wide of the mark and not the route that I would have used, but I think it leans (sorry) towards the curvy side of things anyway. No sniggering at the back.
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  2. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    Just did my own test - home to Ullapool!

    Seems I've been following the twisty all along :D

    Do like the look of the mapping though - very easy on the eye.

    Steve T

  3. Barftone

    Barftone Active Member

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    Top tip. Thanks
  4. Dee Dub

    Dee Dub Active Member Forum Supporter

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    Interesting! I entered a destination that has an 'obvious' twisty route, and it found a completely different one. It looks like it could be useful for those of us who have become jaded riding the same old roads.
  5. JimDidIt!

    JimDidIt! Member

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    I’ve been using Kurviger on my desktop for all my route planning for a couple of years now. Brilliant mapping, the only issues I’ve had are when routing through built up areas, but that’s not it’s remit so it can be forgiven!

    For those of you with Apple iPhones or iPads, check out a navigation app called Scenic. Designed specifically for M/C’s it uses Kurviger as it’s primary map database. It’s so easy to use, creating and saving routes is simple, etc. I use it exclusively now in preference to Sygic or TomTom even if I’m in the car. It’s only available for iOS, no Android version is available yet, but you can find out more about it here - MotoMappers
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  6. Ian Porter

    Ian Porter Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    I’d just logged on specifically to comment about Scenic using Kurvinger for routing

    I’ve just switched to using it from TomTom atgthe recomendation of a friend

    Pretty impressed so far
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  7. Hamster

    Hamster Active Member

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    Very impressed with scenic, straight forward to use ( even i can do it ) and gives you plenty of options
    of how you want to ride, highway, curvy etc. Short route is umm interesting shall we say.

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