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Overland & Classic

Discussion in 'Dealers & Retailers' started by nigelphoto, Feb 24, 2014.

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    Overland & Classic
    Hall Farm
    Nr Melton Mowbray
    LE14 4SZ
    07786 340692

    Mike Overy is a true motorcycle engineer not just a 'mech', and in the old tradition if a bit isn't available he'll make it for you. Mike works on all trailies, enduros and dual purpose bikes and is an RGS owner himself. When my wife and I went over there at the weekend to collect the rear brake calliper from my '97 F650 which he rebuilt for me (see separate Post viewtopic.php?f=9&t=164), he had a KTM Adventurer in bits on the stand as well as several Beemers, and a couple of customers rolled up on a DRZ and a beautiful 1980's Dakar replica airhead boxer while we were there. The workshop might be busy but its neat and tidy everything in its place and the floor is spotless, always a good sign. Contrary to what you might expect the prices Mike charges are extremely reasonable. I try to do as much maintenance and repairs to my old Bee Em as I can but it gives me a sense of security that if I come across something I can't tackle then Overland and Classic is there to sort it.

    Usual disclaimers, I have no connection with Mike or the company apart from being a highly satisfied customer and was recommended by someone on F650.co.uk – Mike is on there as 'mikeyboy'.
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