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For Sale Part Worn Conti Escape Tyre ex RD07a

Discussion in 'Motorcycle parts For Sale & Wanted' started by Stuart D, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Stuart D

    Stuart D Active Member Forum Supporter

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    00B36539-B656-4776-B401-4FD62BE58E2B.jpeg 4EDF3E8B-0F8B-4C5F-95DD-3F4DD884531B.jpeg 96871794-C37B-4AD7-823B-CF5FFF4D94B7.jpeg EEDA56D0-F78E-4DEE-BE1F-F227E7B70965.jpeg I have a front 5.5mm & rear 6.5mm Continental Escape tyres sat in my garage, from memory 3 years old. Front has no issues but rear has a cut, not to cords! If anyone has a use for them, bike change / running on a limited budget/etc make a donation to Blood Bikes Wales. Collection from Pontypool or could meet M4/M25/A12 Norfolk / Suffolk.
    Please see pics
  2. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    Not for me, but I used to run Conti Escapes on my Transalp. I found them to be a good all round tyre with great wear.

    Great bargain acquisition for someone while also helping a good cause.
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  3. flyingcharlie

    flyingcharlie New Member

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    Just seen this today. That "cut" in the rear tyre is actually a manufacturing fault - had exactly the same on my RD07a Conti Escape after 7000 miles of normal road usage. It looked exactly as shown in your photo. It was picked up on an MOT test but was an advisory pass because no cords were visible. Then, at the following year's MOT the "cut" had developed right down to the cords, so failed the MOT. The manufacturing fault arises from insufficient bonding of the tread-band ends together after the tread band is applied to the tyre carcass. My tyre dealer returned it to Conti and I got a small refund. I took a risk and fitted another Conti Escape - all good after another 4000 miles.
    I strongly recommend other users of the Conti Escape should check theirs regularly for this. If there's any sign of that "cut" take it back to your tyre dealer!
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