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TA 650 Engine Noise Paranoia.

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by ©-©, Jul 19, 2015.

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    My Black TA (the one that the engine of went phut Big-Time in France back in 2014 - see links below), now has a replacement engine in it that goes just as well as a good 650 TA engine should … But … bearing in mind my earlier experience of that cataclysmic TA 650 engine seizure in France … obsessive attention by my ears to the sound of the replacement engine’s noises means I’m now hearing what my addled mind is interpreting as the sound hints of something amiss.

    The engine starts absolutely fine and first time from cold, and at that point the engine sounds like a good TA 650 should. But after about thirty miles or so, my mechanical failure paranoia starts to hint that maybe the engine is making noises that are not quite right in the tappet and cam-chain departments.

    So, Fellow Transalpers, is there anyone within, or about thirty miles from Nottingham, that feels they are TA savvy experienced enough to listen to my 650 TA and offer an opinion if it in it’s current state is capable of a 4,000 + mile round trip to the south and back, commencing Monday 27th July 2015.… ?

    Alternatively, any recommendations of Top-Notch Trusty Honda mechanic/dealership in the Nottingham/East Midlands area ?

    Yours Appreciatively


    http://www.xrv.org.uk/forums/transalp/1 ... -time.html

    http://www.xrv.org.uk/forums/transalp/8 ... ds-15.html

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