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Teasdale Motorcycles....

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by austin, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    .... have just gone up in my estimation.

    I quite enjoyed the mildly casual process of buying the new Guzzi V85TT off them. Nice sales guys, no bullshit - if they didn’t know something they said so - straight up on the money side although it took a lot for some discount to emerge. The owner turned out when I picked the bike up - a real Guzzi nut which is nice to know.

    But, when I rode the bike home one of the bar end weights fell off within 30 miles or so of Thirsk. No great shakes, I wasn’t that bothered, these things happen - a bolt not checked in PDI. It could have been something important. I bodged on an old weight when I got home and emailed them to say what had happened and what did they want to do. By 9.30 I got a very apologetic reply to say a new one is in the post and should be with me Monday. A few hours later another email saying they had investigated their PDI process to find out how this could could have happened. Apparently the last thing before the bikevis handed over is the valeter gives it a once over for cleanliness and spotted a flaw on the handguard and replaced it. He owned up to forgetting to torque the bolt so it was only in finger right.

    Nice to know they take a little thing like that seriously enough to have a post mortem and that someone is prepared to fess up to an error. Says a lot of good stuff about the company imho.
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  2. Lutin

    Lutin Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    Nice to hear something positive about a motorcycle dealer. Too often there's nowt but grumbles about them.
  3. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    Honest and open - not often tyou hear that about any sales franchise.

    Glad they are looking after you and your new steed ;)

    Steve T


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